Mezco Toyz ONE:12 Rumble Society Hawk P-40 Action Figure Exclusive

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Mezco Toys ONE:12 Rumble Society Hawk P-40 Action Figure Exclusive


A rumbler at heart, this cybernetic alien grease monkey with morphing abilities happened upon archival World War II data and fashioned himself into Hawk P-40 some time ago. Happiest on the battlefield, Hawk P-40 also enjoys working in the repair shop, kicking back some Tangore Buzzjuice, and kicking ass.

The One:12 Collective Hawk P-40 features two head sculpts including a Special Attack Tank-Head with a hinged, grinder jaw. The Fighting Daredevil is outfitted in a Sherpa-lined vest, tank top, two dog tags, belt, cargo pants, and mid-calf combat boots.

Hawk P-40 is ready to wage a one-man war, equipped with a rapid-fire Gattling Cannon, wrench that connects to his belt, communication device that fits on the back of his Special Attack Tank-Head, a rocket launcher, and much more.

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