Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective: Batman (1989) Action Figure

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Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective: Batman (1989) Action Figure

Batman, from the 1989 Academy Award winning film, joins the One:12 Collective line.

The Mezco Batman 1989 action figure features an all-new seamless body designed with an internal skeleton armature that is durable yet highly posable. Included are three cowled head portraits – one with movable eyes, achieving a new level of realism for the One:12 Collective.

This Mezco Batman 1989 action figure is outfitted in his iconic Batsuit from the film which features advanced body armor – strong enough to deflect bullets and break fists. A magnet in his collar allows him to switch between two leather-like capes – one with an integrated posing wire and one that drapes freely. The bat insignia sits front and center as a reminder to those that cross his path.

The dark vigilante comes prepared to protect Gotham City with a vast array of film accessories, as well as some unused designs, including: a gauntlet that attaches to his forearm and rotates open, a speargun that attaches to his utility belt via a magnet, multiple batarangs, and a time bomb.


In order to prevent any interior packaging materials from sticking onto the figure, Batman – 1989 Edition was coated with a protective, non-toxic powder. The powder will wear off over time and with continued handling. If you would like to facilitate the removal of the powder, you may blot the body with water and a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use an abrasive cloth or paper towel to remove this powder as to avoid damaging the rubber material.

Batman – 1989 Edition is designed with a seamless rubber body over articulated metal armature, at first the joints may seem tight, but with continued and careful use they will loosen. We recommend that you do not over flex or pull on the figure to prevent any damage to the armature or rubber body.

While posing your figure you may notice some minor misalignment occurs, this is due to the internal armature used for Batman – 1989 Edition. This can be adjusted by gently applying pressure to the articulated joint (for example: if the shoulders become misaligned, gently raise the arm perpendicular to the body and gently apply pressure to the shoulder.)

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