Microman 032 Magne Power Cassette Machines Cain with Sonic Bike


SKU: TAK067671

Microman Magne Power Cassette Machines Cain with Sonic Bike

032 Sonic Bike was smoke clear cassette that can transformed into a bike for Magne Microman. The toy like, Stealth Heli, came with exclusive Microman Cain.  Cain was a clear blue Magne Power Microman with brand new head sculpt. Beside the color change (the original was solid black), Sonic Bike was essentially the same toy as Micro Change version. Takara included the gun accessory that was part of the original toy. The only two items that got omitted were the backpack and the helmet. The backpack was used in the original version as back support for Microman figure but was probably too high for the much shorter Magne Power figure. Which bring us to the only problem with reusing these two molds, the new figures were just way too small for the vehicles that were originally designed for the bigger original 10cm Microman figure. (They were made for Microman M011 Saram (Command 2 Microman). However, these two toys were some of the best toys from the Micro Change line-up and it was nice to see the toys get reissued even if it was for the new Microman line.

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