Monster Hunter 4 Diablos Armor Rage Set Version Ultimate Play Arts Kai Figure

Square Enix

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A collaboration between CAPCOM?s hit series Monster Hunter and Square Enix character designer Tetsuya Nomura, the Diablos Armor (Rage Set) born from MONSTER HUNTER 4 Ultimate makes its appearance to the PLAY ARTS KAI line!While taking great care to portray Nomura?s unique proportional design, this figure has a wide range of motion in the shoulders and wings for dynamic posing, making it an extremely action-oriented design.The highly-detailed scythe measures in at an impressive 35cm-plus size! Meanwhile, the paint work shows the attention paid to the life-like texture of the fleshy skin, breathing life into Diablos. These details and more draw the beholder into the unique world of the game!Figure also includes display stand, interchangeable hand parts and accessories.

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