Mr. Hobby Mr. Base White 1000 40ml Bottle SF283

Mr. Hobby

SKU: GSI515978

Mr. BASE WHITE is useful for making a black, red or other dark-colored surface white.

This newly developed product uses special pigments to completely hide the base color and aids application of detailed finishing and top coats. 

Because it also works as a surfacer, it can be used to hide small imperfections.

Note: Under the new restrictions set after 9/11, aerosols are not permitted to be shipped by USPS Priority Mail or other air-delivery services. That means this item is not available for international customers. U.S. deliveries will be handled via (Parcel Post).  Please do not purchase this item unless you have a domestic U.S. delivery address available and you agree that your package must be shipped via USPS Parcel Post service or FedEx Ground.

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