R-26 Reformatted Malum Malitia Mastermind Creations MMC Action Figure Set

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 R-26 Reformatted Malum Malitia Mastermind Creations MMC Action Figure Set

Product Description
R-26 Malum Malitia is a three pack that contains Calcitrant, Inflecto, and Potestas. Each robot stands 5.60" tall, features die-cast parts and transforms into a bug. Calcitrant and Potestas also include an alternate face.
Product Features
5.6 inches (14cm) tall in robot mode
Made of plastic and die-cast
Highly articulated
Calcitrant and Potestas include an alternate face
Box Contents
Calcitrant figure
Alternate face
Inflecto figure
Potestas figure
Alternate face
3 Bio cards


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