Re-Ment Pokemon Terrarium Collection (In The Season) Assortment Trading Figures Box Set of 6


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Re-Ment Pokemon Terrarium Collection Assortment Trading Figures Box Set of 6

The second installment of the [Seasonal] -themed series is now available in the Terrarium Collection!

1, blown by the spring breeze (Whimsicott)
2, Summer Sea Adventure (Pikachu & Mantyke)
3, on Halloween night (Pumpkaboo & Mimikyu)
4, Autumn of Appetite (Emolga)
5, flowers blooming in the snow (Glaceon)
6, Spring will come again (Fennekin)

Trading figures Disclaimer:
Figures in a trading box set are packaged according to the manufacturer's rate and a complete set is not guaranteed to be included with the purchase of a box.

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