S.N.D. SND-01 Primo Vitalis Upgrade Kit

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S.N.D. SND-01 Primo Vitalis Upgrade Kit

Please Note: This aftermarket accessory piece is not produced or associated with Hasbro or Takara and is not a Transformers brand toy. These custom pieces are intended to further enhance the enjoyment of your existing Transformer collection.

This upgrade kit is for Combiner Wars Optimus Prime making him a larger figure.

This Item Includes the Following:
1x Replacement Head
1x Chest/Torso Armor
2x Shoulder Armor
1x Waist Armor
2x Leg Extenders/Thigh Armor
2x Lower Leg Armor
2x Upgraded Feet (with two-way ankle tilts!)
1x Blaster
1x Sword (with swappable blades; choose from short sword, longsword or axe!)
1x Battle Mask (a bigger head for combined mode!)

Note: Some disassembly of the figure is needed to install this kit (full instructions are included). Once installed you will not need to remove pieces to transform between the 3 modes (truck, robot AND combined modes)!

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