Soul of Chogokin SOC GX-59 Daltanious Action Figure


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Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the long awaited Soul of Chogokin release of the GX-59 Daltanius diecast robot figure. The 1979-80 Futurei Robo Daltanius anime revolutionized the giant robot genre as the first combining robot to have an animal component as well as the first to feature a lion\'s head on its chest (mechanical lion Beralios). The latest and most ambitious Soul of Chogokin release to date will capture all the combining and transformation features of Daltanius: Delfighter detaches and re-connects to main robot "Atlaus." Missle firing unit attaches to "Beralios" back. The spaceship, "Gunper" features authentically replicated power hands. A full array of weapon accessories such as Atlaus Hand Slicers, Trans Saber, Trans Shield, Thunder Bow, and Fire Flame Sword are also included.

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