Storm Collectibles 1/12 Mortal Kombat 3 VS Scorpion Scale Action Figure

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Storm Collectibles 1/12 Mortal Kombat Scorpion Scale Action Figure

Scorpion Hanzo Hasashi was once a member of the Japanese Shirai Ryu ninja Clan. Given the name Scorpion for deadly fighting skills, his life was blessed with glorious kombat in the name of his Grand Master. His signature move is his spear and hellfire. When his mask is removed, his head is a (flaming) skull. Scorpion is a fan favorite, appearing regularly since Mortal Kombat Classic. 

Product Features: 

Newly developed body with new joints 

  • 2 x interchanging Mask / Skull Mask  
  • 4 x interchanging hands 
  • 1 x Axe 
  • 1 x Scorpion Spear "get over here!" 
  • 3 x Blood Effect

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