ThreeZero Evangelion ROBO-DOU Production Eva Model-02 Unit 2 Action Figure


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ThreeZero Evangelion ROBO-DOU Production Model-02 Unit 2 Action Figure

Based on its appearance in the Rebuild of Evangelion films, the ROBO-DOU Evangelion Production Model-02 collectible figure is non-scaled with 48 points of articulation and stands approximately 9.8 inches tall with a remarkable die-cast main frame. The figure is constructed of ABS, PVC, POM, and zinc alloy, and utilizes Threezero's renown paint application technique to highlight all the mechanical details!

The ROBO-DOU Evangelion Production Model-02 collectible figure includes many interactive features, like a pair of jetpack add-ons and aerodynamic stabilizers that are interchangeable with the standard shoulder and forearm pieces (which combine to form the Evangelion Custom Skydive Unit Type S Components!), an opening and closing Entry Plug hatch, 2 Entry Plug accessories for inserted and extracted modes, and so much more.

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