Toys Power V for Vendetta CT003 1/6 Scale Action Figure

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Toys Power V for Vendetta CT003 1/6 Scale Action Figure

Victim and villain, V voices the frustration and innate power of the people, the true values held precious by the masses. A provocative and disturbing modern classic, V for Vendetta is the visually powerful story of a dystopian not-too-distant future. Dressed in the intricate and authentically detailed costume from the film adaptation of the classic comic, V displays his signature black cloak, as well as a removable hat, a non-removable mask, interchangeable hands and several character-specific accessories.

Head, body and accessories details:

★ hair, mask and carved head x1 (each piece is meticulously hand-painted head carved by our experts, detailed facial expressions and clear wrinkles and skin texture to ensure perfect presentation.

★ body x1 (about 31 cm tall)

★ hand x3 (black leather gloves with special hand poses)

★bottom stage/seat x1 ( painted V word with 360 ° rotatable LED Spotlight)

★ dagger x6 (metallic dagger about 4 cm)

★ Rose x1 (Violet Carson)

Clothing and accessories:

★ T-shirt x1 (black cotton T-shirt)

★Suit x1 (Collar Crisscross suit)

★ Trousers x1 (black cotton trousers)

★ Boots x1 (black boots)

★ Cloak x1 (black satin cloak)

★ Top hat x1 (black woolen hat)

★ Belt x1 (goatskin with accessories)

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