Transformers Allspark Power Ultra Class Jetstorm TRU Exclusive


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A Toys "R" Us exclusive redeco of Cybertron Jetfire, Jetstorm transforms into a white and gray cargo plane resembling a modified Antonov An-225. Jetstorm features sound effects activated by pressing either of the side aft engine nacelles. Inserting his Cyber Planet Key (a clear-purple Planet X-style key with unpainted border) into his tail assembly in either vehicle or robot mode causes a pair of translucent red cannons to extend and the compartment they are mounted on to raise. Pressing the engines now activates a different sound effect. The tail section can be swiveled up to form an attack mode somewhat resembling the "gerwalk" form of a Macross Valkyrie and he looks kinda like someone else we all know.

In robot mode, Jetstorm has a tendency to topple back due to the heavy, battery-operated gimmicks of the tail section, though he is more stable if one puts him in an action-oriented pose. In this mode, he features two pop-out (non-firing) missile pods in his waist and wields two spring-loaded missile launchers (mounted under his wings in vehicle mode).

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