Transformers Alternators #17 Skids - Toyota Scion xB


SKU: HAS092469

Skids transforms into a blue Toyota Scion xB. His robot mode is very reminiscent of his G1 toy, with his head sculpt based off his animation model with G1 toy details. His engine unfolds to become his gun.

The US Alternators release differs from the Japanese Binaltech release in that it has a much darker shade of blue, tinted windows, and various Scion-type tampographed flame decals. The Japanese release naturally has die cast metal parts, is painted a lighter shade of blue, has different paint decos, and includes a sheet of stickers, including flames resembling the ones printed on the Alternators version, as well as some G1-style red stripes, and most humorously, a Japanese "New Driver" badge. 

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