Transformers Alternators #27 Rodimus - Ford GT (SDCC 2007)


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Transformers Alternators #27 Rodimus - Ford GT (SDCC 2007)

2007 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Transformers Alternators Rodimus. This item is brand new and factory sealed. This item was only available during San Deigo Comic Con. Don't pass your chance to own this RARE and EXCLUSIVE product.

Rodimus is a Ford GT styled after the famous Transformer, Hot Rod, from Transformers: The Movie, and the cartoon series. This is a remold and redeco of the popular and extremely hard to get Transformer Alternator Ford GT Mirage. Simply called Rodimus, the 27th Alternator sports a new head sculp and the classic "flame" detailing, while the vanity plate reads "TOO HOT".

Alternator Rodimus features:

  • Detailed interior
  • Doors, hood and engine cover open and close
  • Engine transforms into dual wielding weapons
  • Wheels turn left and right
  • 1:24 Scale

Rodimus was first sold as a convention exclusive at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con. The Monday after the convention, it was made available on the Hasbro Toy Shop website, where it would sell out that same morning. With the ending of the Transformers Alternators line, this RARE and EXCLUSIVE product will be extremely hard to get in the future.

RODIMUS: Wisdom will always defeat firepower.

Item has shelfwear and is NOT in mint condition

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