Transformers Beast Wars C-05 Big Convoy (C-35)


SKU: TAK103762

Sono King/Takara C-05 Transformers Beast Wars Neo C-35 Big Convoy. This item is brand new and factory sealed. With the revival of the Transformers franchise in the US due to Beast Wars, Transformers is back with a vengeance in Japan with the sequel to the hit show, Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo with all new characters and all new toys exclusive to Japan only.

Beast Wars Neo continues the war between the Cybertrons and the Destrons as Big Convoy, new leader of the Cybertrons, heads into battle as a Wooly Mammoth, with his new Mammoth Attack Mode, and his famous tonfas. Big Convoy also features both tusk movement and trunk movement with a switch, and also includes Big Convoy's BFG cannon and the famous Matrix of Leadership. Big Convoy is manufactured by Takara but was released in Korea under Sono King. This is an exact duplicate of the Takara version of the toy and IS NOT A KNOCK-OFF. Big Convoy is ready for action and if you missed your chance to get him when they were out, this is your chance to complete your collection of Beast Wars Neo.

C-05 (C-35) Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy features:

  • Wooly Mammoth mode
  • Mammoth Attack mode
  • Tonfas (hidden in forearms)
  • BFG cannon (works for Mammoth Attack mode and Robot mode)
  • 2 missile launchers with 2 missiles (works for both Mammoth Attack mode and Robot mode)
  • Matrix of Leadership (with Matrix chamber)
  • Cybertron Spark Crystal
  • Highly pose-able and highly detailed
  • Profile card


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