Transformers Beast Wars VS-17 Bigmos vs Autostinger Action Figure

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VS-17 Transformers Beast Wars II BigMos vs. Autostinger. This item is brand new and factory sealed. With the revival of the Transformers franchise in the US due to Beast Wars, considered to be one of the best Transformers series ever, Japan finally joined in the resurgence of the Transformers with the release of the original Beast Wars figures.

Although BigMos originally appeared in the US Transformers: Beast Wars toyline as Transquito, he did not appear on the show until Beast Wars II. BigMos, leader of the Insectrons, is armed and ready to scrap the Predacons in his mosquito mode and his new mode, known as "Mode 3," as an antlion. BigMos is reproduced straight from the Hasbro version of Transquito with all the accessories which can be hidden in their animal modes.

Autostinger is a completely new character in Beast Wars II and is not related to the US Beast Wars toyline or tv series. Autostinger is a redeco of Autoroller Dirtbag from the Hasbro Transformers Generation 2 toyline
which will automatically transform when rolling on its wheels. A war between the Cybertrons and the Destrons, Autostinger is a Destron ready to destroy any Cybertrons in his dump truck mode. Autostinger is reproduced straight from the Hasbro Transformers Generation 2 line with all the accessories including his missile launcher and 4 missiles.

VS-17 Beast Wars II BigMos vs. Autostinger features:

  • C-17 BigMos
  • Mosquito mode
  • "Mode 3" Antlion mode
  • Flappable wings
  • Missile launcher that transforms into the tail
  • 1 missile
  • D-17 Autostinger
  • Dump truck mode
  • Automatic transformation
  • Missile launcher for the right arm
  • Working claw for the left arm
  • 4 missiles
  • Profile cards

Item is Brand New and sealed, However, there is Shelf Wear on the Box.

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