Transformers Generations Selects Star Convoy Optimus Tomy Limited Mall Exclusive Action Figure


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Transformers Generations Selects Star Convoy Optimus Tomy Mall Exclusive Action Figure

Takara Tomy Mall original series "GENERATION SELECTS" starts from Transformers! !
The first version has a convoy suitable for the start.
The trailer part of the container trailer is transformed into a convoy. By combining with the container part, it will evolve into a Star Convoy.
Star Convoy's first redesign item, full action deformed union gimmick figure!

This generation select version "Star Convoy" has been improved based on the Optimus Prime of the Power of the Prime (POTP) version, and the power-up coalescence function that is the mechanism of the POTP version is effectively utilized to It is a gimmick specification that makes the image of the birth of a star convoy where the convoy merges with the container and evolves into a huge robot.

The matrix that is stored in the chest is newly constructed, silver-plated, and is a mysterious part that shines brightly. In addition, the matrix can be connected to the weapon with a 5mm joint, and the convoy gun can be powered up to the matrix weapon.

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