Transformers Masterpiece MP-15/16-E Cassettbot vs Cassettron

Takara Tomy

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-15/16-E  Cassettbot vs Cassettron

This is for the Cassettebot vs Cassettron Set. They are a limited set that was a Mall Exclusive in Japan and comes with the following:

1x Nightstalker, which is a repaint of Steeljaw
    1x Cassette Case

1x Cybertron Stripes, which is a repaint of Ravage
    1x Cassette Case

1x Wing Thing, which is a repaint of Ratbat
    1x Cassette Case

1x Enemy, which is a repaint of Rumble
    1x Cassette Case
    2x Pile Driver Arms
    2x Micro Plasma Blasters
    1x Arms Holder

1x Instructions


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