Transformers Masterpiece MP-47 Hound

Takara Tomy

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-47 Hound

Hound also brings from the G1 cartoon many signature parts he's known for including his telltale hologram gun, Gas tank, alternate face plates and many more accessories! Best of all his hologram gun includes a hologram ray attachment and clear spike figure so that you can recreate scenes from the G1 cartoon. Finally he includes a removable roof part/canopy.

Inspired by the Transformers G1 cartoon, MP-47 Hound comes 2 interchangeable facial expressions, a convertible top for vehicle mode that can also attach to robot mode as a shield or backpack, gas can, key, attachable spare tire, laser scope, hologram blaster with attachable hologram effect, side mirrors, in-scale articulated Spike figure, and a Spike hologram figure. The fully-jointed figure features complex conversion from robot to military vehicle mode.

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