Transformers Movie Bumblebee Evolution Of A Hero 2 Pack Target Exclusive


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A Target exclusive, this figure multi-pack contains an unchanged Deluxe-class 1976 Bumblebee and an exclusive "battle damaged" 2009 Camaro Concept Bumblebee. Even though the 2009 figure is supposed to represent Bumblebee\'s damaged state as he appeared during the final battle in the movie, oddly enough the "damage" paint decos do not appear to extend to his legs, restricting themselves to his upper torso and car roof/door parts. Maybe they didn\'t bother because they thought you\'d take them off like in the movie. Go figure.

The Classic Camaro Bumblebee toy included in this package features the same "fixed" Automorph gimmick also found on the version included in the UK exclusive "Towed to Safety" two-pack. In addition, the Automorph button on the hood finally sports the painted pinstripes that had been missing on all previous releases of the mold.



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