Transformers Movie Voyager Megatron Metallic Best Buy Exclusive Action Figure SHELF WEAR


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Transformers Movie Voyager Megatron Metallic Best Buy Exclusive Action Figure SHELF WEAR

One of the first figures available in the Premium Series (although not explicitly identified on the packaging as such), Voyager Class Megatron was released exclusively at Best Buy on October 16th, 2007 alongside the North American launch of the Transformers movie DVD. Megatron has been completely redecoed, covering most of his previously grey parts with metallic silver paint and a black paint wash over the top of that. Black and gold highlights are used to offset all of the silver, while the transparent 'ice' parts are clear. These changes essentially make Megatron far more accurate to his movie appearance.

    Voyager Class Megatron transforms into an ice-covered version of his Cybertronic jet, with transparent plastic forming large portions of his vehicle mode, such as parts of his wings. This ice design is carried onto his robot mode, with his legs, shoulders and chest having some kind of 'ice' plastic covering them. With a significantly different transformation sequence compared to his earlier Leader class toy, his chest frost lowers and his shoulders rise to robot mode position when you bring his lower body forward thanks to Automorph technology. He also has his fusion cannon in its entirety on his left arm. His wings feature flip-out "ice blades", and pulling on a piece in the back of his jet mode brings them forward like pincer claws.

    Something interesting to note is that his feet are entirely spring-loaded, which means his foot and the two "rear toes" on each feet automatically close up when he's not standing up. Surprisingly, this helps a lot with the posing, as the feet parts automatically position themselves for the perfect balance.

DISCLAIMER: This product is BRAND NEW, UNUSED, and UNOPENED, but the package itself has shelf wear. There is a huge dent on the front of the plastic covering of the box.

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