Transformers Music Label Soundblaster Blaster Black Version MP3 Player OPENED

Takara Tomy

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Transformers Music Label Soundblaster Blaster Black Version MP3 Player OPENED

Transformer Music Label SoundBlaster MP3 Player (Blaster Black). In the wake of the success of Music Label Soundwave, Apple and Takara-Tomy have come together once again to bring you the new SoundBlaster MP3 Player. SoundBlaster is presented in his original G1 Black color scheme and is a fully functional MP3 Player that transforms into his classic G1 Walkman Cassette Player. Fully licensed by Apple, Music Label Soundwave is a redeco of the Music Label Soundwave mold that contains a fully functional integrated digital music player. When you open Soundwave's cassette door, it will reveal a Mini SD card reader where you will input your Mini SD card with all your favorite music. SoundBlaster supports Mini SD cards up to 2 GB in size and will require a AAA battery to play your favorite MP3s. What better way to transform your new SoundBlaster than transforming him while rocking "You've Got the Touch!!!" and the Transformers theme song right out of his chest. You will definitely light our darkest hours with Transformer Music Label SoundBlaster!!!

Transformers Music Label SoundBlaster features:

    Original G1 SoundBlaster black color scheme (Blaster Black)
    Blaster, Should-mounted gun,
    Alternate hands (holding weapons, fists, and "eject" handpose)
    Fully functioning MP3 player
    Supports Mini SD card (up to 2 GB in size and not included)
    Fully functioning with all standard earpieces
    Requires one AAA battery (not included)
    Walkman mode size: 8mm (W) x 55mm (H) x 20 mm (D)

This product has been OPENED to verify that nothing is missing. Product is still NEW and COMPLETE. You will receive everything in the images.

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