Transformers Prime RID Deluxe Class Sergeant Kup Autobot


SKU: HAS768463

Transformers Prime RID Deluxe Sergeant Kup Autobot

There’s a rumor among younger Autobots that Sergeant Kup is laserproof. The aging soldier has a habit of walking calmly through even the thickest crossfire to deliver advice or encouragement to raw recruits cowering under cover. The ‘bots that serve under him think he might have a screw loose somewhere, but they’d still gladly follow him anywhere. Your fierce Sergeant Kup figure is ready to make big trouble for the Decepticons! In robot mode, your Sergeant Kup figure’s snap-on cannons will give him the edge in battle. Convert him to truck mode when he needs to haul gear or chase after the foe! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his enemies throw at him!

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