Transformers RID Car Robots C-002 Wild Ride (X-Brawn)

Takara Tomy

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C-002 Transformers: Car Robots Wild Ride. This item is brand new and factory sealed. With the Transformers back at full force after the Beast Wars, Transformers went back to their roots in the follow-up line aptly named, Car Robots, better known in the US as RID, Robots in Diguise.

Wildride's alternate mode comes with opening doors and opening hood to reveal the engine, rubber tires, and vacuum metalized parts. With new and interesting transformation schemes, Wildride is ready for battle with his axe that transforms into his grill and his missile launcher arm. C-002 Wildride, the eldest of the three Autobot Brothers and is an expert martial artist, is known as X-Brawn in RID and his alternate mode is a Mercedes Benz M-Class SUV. If you missed the C-002 Wildride when it was out and you need to complete your Autobot Brothers collection, then get your hands on this before they disappear.

C-002 Car Robots Wildride features:

  • Mercedes Benz M-Class SUV mode
  • Opening doors and hood
  • Rubber tires
  • Axe that transforms into the grill
  • Missile launcher (right arm)
  • 2 missiles that transform into the runner pieces
  • Highly detailed with high articulation and pose-ability
  • Vacuum metalized parts
  • Profile card


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