Transformers RID Car Robots C-012 J-Five (Railspike)

Takara Tomy

SKU: TAK070459

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Please note this item was stored in a humid warehouse, which caused the blister to come apart from card. We have placed tapes around the plastic blister to hold it to the card. There are shelf wears around the edges of the cards. But, the toy is brand new and in excellent condition.




C-012 J Five (Railspike) is equipped with a projectile-firing gun and is the leader of Team Bullet Train, designed to form the head and arms of Rail Racer. Railspike’s typically genial mannerisms belie his efficiency as an experienced warrior. He sometimes feels obliged to set a disciplined example for his younger teammates. Team Bullet Train was initially rallied against the threat of Megatron and his Predacons, and was later utilized, in the form of Rail Racer, against the Decepticon combiner Ruination. Railspike counters his adversaries by implementing a sonic umbrella that emits ultrasonic waves as it rotates.

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