Transformers Takara 01A Ultra Magnus Nike Shoe Free 7.0 Sport Label

Takara Tomy

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Transformers Ultra Magnus feat. Nike 7.0 (Marine Blue). A collaboration between Nike & Takara-Tomy, this is the transformable "shoe" of the Nike Free 7.0 into one of the most popular Transformer ever, Ultra Magnus. You thought the collaboration between the Apple iPod and Transformers was cool, enter the latest collaboration between two household names: Nike and Transformers.

Nike and Takara-Tomy present to you the Sports Label. At first glance, the Nike Transformers looks like a well-appointed 6" duo-tone sneaker with white laces. However with a few twists, shifts, and turns, the shoe transforms into Optimus Prime/Convoy's brother, Ultra Magnus. Even though the box list him as Convoy, Nike 7.0 Ultra Magnus is a white and marine blue redeco of Nike 7.0 Convoy and comes with a gun. Even though Ultra Magnus is still missing his famous car carrier trailer, he does come with real laces and is also wearing miniature Nike 7.0 sneakers.

Nike Free 7.0 Ultra Magnus features:

  • 6" realistic Nike 7.0 shoe mode (Marine)
  • White and marine blue deco
  • Very detailed and highly pose-able
  • Gun included
  • Real laces
  • Robot mode comes with miniature Nike 7.0 sneakers


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