Transformers TRU G1 Reissue Ultra Magnus Commemorative


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Hasbro Commemorative Edition Ultra Magnus. This item is brand new and factory sealed. For all you Transformers G1 purists and for those who want to experience the original line that started it all, Hasbro presents the Toys R' Us exclusive Commemorative Edition and the Commemorative Series to re-release the original toys again. The Commemorative Edition and Commeorative Series line brings back all your favorite Transformers from the original series in it's exact form but in a new book-like display packaging for all you collectors out there. If you missed Transformers G1 in the 80's or you just want to be hip and go retro, then the Commemorative Edition and the Commemorative Series are for you.

Ultra Magnus is the popular Autobot City Commander. Ultra Magnus, a car carrier, comes with all his accessories including his gun and missiles and the car carrying trailer from the original G1 Transformer toy packaged in a new book-style box that can be used for displaying in package. Like it's original predecessor, it comes with die-cast and vacuum metalized parts and it includes the popular rub signs. Fully designed to be a collector piece, Toys R' Us exclusive Commemorative Series I Ultra Magnus is a true gem in the Transformers line.

Product is Brand New and Sealed in box. However, there is Shelfwear and slight damages to the boxes. 

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