Transformers Universe Classic Ultra Class Powerglide SHELF WEAR


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Transformers Classic Universe Ultra Powerglide SHELF WEAR

Robot-to-vehicle figure features a launching thermal beam projectile in robot mode and makes jet combat sounds in fighter jet vehicle mode!

Not as fast or powerful as the DECEPTICON fliers, POWERGLIDE relies instead on his raw skill as a combat pilot. Where his enemies rely on afterburners and advanced weapon systems, he executes loops, flat spins, and other aerial maneuvers that make even the craziest and most foolhardy DECEPTICONS backfire out of fear. In a sky full of bad guys, you can always easily spot POWERGLIDE twisting and diving through enemy fire, dodging missiles, and generally outclassing even the best among the DECEPTICON air warriors.

Transformers Universe Ultra Powerglide:

  • Electronic lights
  • Conversion sounds
  • 2 AAA batteries included
  • Ages 5 and up

The box has minor Shelf Wear. The product was opened as a display, please refer to the picture for what is included. Picture is of the actual product. Item Sold As Is


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