Transformers Universe Ultra Class Stormcloud Classic Series


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Universe Ultra Storm Cloud is a Decepticon repaint of Universe Powerglide with a cool Skeletor-esque color scheme including purple, blue, silver, black and a fairly bilious shade of yellow. Storm Cloud’s A-10 vehicle mode is equipped with an underslung gun. His barrel-chested robot mode is extensively articulated, with the underslung gun serving as what appears to be a projectile-firing handheld gun. This version of Storm Cloud is decidedly more intimidating than his scheming and malcontented Micromaster incarnation, and would presumably be better suited to the task of wresting the leadership of the Air Strike Patrol from Whisper. Storm Cloud and his fellow members of the Air Strike Patrol are counted among the most capable of Decepticon units, although the team is sometimes hobbled by the members’ general enmity and inability to work in perfect concert.

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