Transformers Video Game Deluxe Class Swindle


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Swindle transforms into a Chevrolet Cobalt. He's the Decepticon version, with the lens-head, and is remarkably accurate to his video game design. As with most of the Movie road vehicle toys, he replicates the car on which he's based realistically, even if the sculpt design is slightly genericized and has no official licensing.

During transformation, his Automorphing gimmick flips out his head/chest section on its own from his upper torso. His torso also features a spring-loaded cannon that extends when a button on his back is pressed, and the cannon structure itself can be extended from the torso to give a more impressive (or more juvenile) appearance. This cannon gimmick can also be used in car mode, where it looks like a super-turbo-nitro exhaust pipe.

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