Transformers Vintage Beast Wars Wolfang Action Figure


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Transformers Vintage Beast Wars Wolfang Action Figure

(Re)start a vintage Beast Wars collection with this Transformers: Vintage Beast Wars Maximal Wolfang figure! Inspired by the classic 90s toy, Maximal Wolfang is designed like the original version—including figure styling, packaging, and art from the 1996 Beast Wars releases, plus classic tech specs and accessories.

Swift and agile, Maximal Wolfang prefers to hunt cloaked as an animal. But quickly converts to robot mode for battle, when he can best utilize the secret attack launcher disguised as his tail!

Maximal Wolfang figure comes with crossbow launcher, shield, and 2 missile accessories and converts from wolf to robot mode in 12 steps.

Clip out and save the on-box tech specs to share, then see how this figure stacks up against other heroic Maximals and evil Predacons (each sold separately).

Item has shelfwear and is NOT in mint condition

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