Yuusha DX The Brave Command Dagwon Liner Dagwon


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Yuusha DX The Brave Command Dagwon Liner Dagwon

A little bit of history - The Yuusha series is a toy and animation franchise that began after toy company Takara had ended the animated "Generation One" storyline of Transformers in Japan. Following a decline in the series' popularity that led to the cancellation of the OVA series Transformers: Zone, Takara struck a cooperative deal with the animation studio Sunrise (known for its mecha series, most notably Gundam) to develop a new franchise and set of toy lines.

Please note that box has shelf wears from other toys stacking on top of each other. Also, tapes on the box has aged and some are not sticking. Toys are still brand new and in excellent condition. 

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